Chicken and Dumplings
Super easy and yummy!!
2 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 tablespoon of powdered chicken broth
8 cups of water
2 sliced carrots
2 sliced celery stalks
1/2 onion diced
A teaspoon of garlic powder. A teaspoon of paprika. A teaspoon of thyme. A teaspoon of black pepper
parsley sprinkled on top(optional)
1 pack of pre rolled pie crust
1 stick of butter 3/4 cup of flour. 1 pack of cream cheese..cut into little squares.
Place chicken breasts and chicken broth in a pot with water and cook for 30 minutes
Remove the chicken..let cool and then shred. Set aside
Add in carrots, celery and onion. And cook for 10 minutes. Keep the burner going In another pot melt. The butter and add the flour to make a roux. Stir for 2 minutes. And turn if off. It will be thick.
Add in garlic powder, paprika pepper and
Thyme to the pot with the the pie crust and roll it out and cut it into strips...add it to the pot 1 piece at a time..cook for 5 minutes then add the roux....add the cream cheese...add the chicken...mix well and simmer for 30 minutes
When my mother made chicken and dumplings back in the day...I would not eat it ! The dumplings were so thick and. Doughy..they were the size of golf balls. I was thinking there has to be a way to improve this recipe!. Omg! If you never liked it Will love it now.