HOT WATER CORNBREAD father would say to my mother..make me some ho-cakes

1 and a half cup of cornmeal. 
Half cup of flour. 
Teaspoon of salt.
 Tablespoon of sugar.
 Tablespoon of baking powder and a
1/2 CUP of oil FOR COOKING......

bring a cup and a half  TO 2 CUPS  water to a boil...
.while the water is boiling. Get your oil ready to fry..just enough to cover the bottom of the skillet......mix everything together......add 1 cup of hot water to your mix and stir.IF STILL TOO THICK, ADD ANOTHER CUP.....form into patties and place on wax paper...dip your hands in water if it gets too your patties into skillet and fry u til golden on each..side about 2 minutes per your oil is really hot


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