1 box of yellow super moist cake mix
1 banana
follow instruction on the box
 instead of adding water use milk
bake cupcakes on 325 for 12 to 15 minutes
fill cupcakes halfway for best results
1 box of vanilla wafers for decoration

for the cream cheese frosting

8 oz of cream cheese
1 stick room temperature  butter
1 cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

place cream cheese in a bowl and beat until smooth
add butter continue beating, then add sugar and vanilla
beat until well combined and smooth
(I used a piping bag with a star tip) you tube will show you how to decorate a cupcake and also how to use a piping bag- which can be purchased at walmart or hobby lobby
make your frosting first and place it in the fridge, before you bake your cake

for the banana pudding

1 box of instant vanilla pudding
1 banana- I smashed a banana and mixed it in with my pudding
follow instructions on the box
once I mixed it all- I placed it in the fridge until all of the cupcakes were done, it was nice and thick
I also used a squirt bottle I picked up at the dollar store to add the pudding to the cupcakes once they were done.

once your cupcakes have cooled
pipe on the frosting by putting the tip in the middle of the cupcake and squeezing- starting at the very center of the cupcake and let go after 2 seconds.
drizzle on the pudding
and add a cookie